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The Beauty Enigma Book

What will you find—and learn about yourself—in The Beauty Enigma

“When a person exudes genuine beauty it supersedes all physical appearances and human conditions…

“Truth, beauty, goodness and love are interwoven values essential to our happiness, to our mental, physical and emotional well-being…

The Beauty Enigma will help reframe the way you think about beauty and help you reclaim your birthright to live a healthy life of ageless beauty.”

So says Demetria Victor Newman as she takes you by the hand and guides you through an exploration of what true beauty is—and how to achieve it for yourself.

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The Beauty Enigma is a myth-buster, challenging perceptions of beauty and aging in our culture and encouraging women to be their own vision of “beautiful.”
This book is a practical, manageable guide to finding personal beauty—not found in needles or jars, but within ourselves.
Every woman will find helpful tips and thoughtful perspectives to help express and celebrate her special, individual beauty.
“Salute the goddess in you and choose to be the voice of a new dawn.”

The Beauty Enigma eschews traditional definitions of beauty to help each woman embrace her individuality—moving perceptions from
anti-aging nonsense to happy, healthy agelessness. Forget the fads and find your fabulous!

 Meet Demetria Victor Newman

“Renaissance Woman”: Demetria Victor Newman is the quintessence of the term. Recognized by Harper’s Bazaar magazine as “FABULOUS AT EVERY AGE—2015,” Demetria is a devoted practitioner of happy, healthy and productive living.

Demetria earned her Master’s in Philosophy at American University in Washington, D.C. She is a certified yoga and meditation teacher with special training in Therapeutic Yoga and has fulfilled the Cardiac and Cancer certification training. She is also a certified Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui System of Natural Healing.

demetria newman


“When Dede Newman enters a room she imparts serenity. Now she has written a book that tells us how to attain that serenity in our own bodies and minds. When you read The Beauty Enigma you can’t stop learning. Dede shares with us her vast knowledge of beauty and the connection of body, mind and the universe with an informative and yet very personal writing style. What a joy it is to read her words and uncover the beauty within!”

Holly Fine, Film Producer/Director
60 Minutes Producer & Multiple Emmy Award Winner Easton, Maryland

“The discourse of hate and criticism seems to dominate our everyday conversations and dialogue in modern society.  Sadly, many of us, especially women, have internalized these messages.  The Beauty Enigma has shown us a way out of this spiral. By helping us cultivate true beauty, Demetria Victor Newman has led us back to love.”

Jehan El-Bayoumi, M.D., FACP,
Founding Director – Rodham Institute, Washington DC

“What a gift!  Beauty Enigma should sit on every woman's bedside table.  It is an empowering and thoughtful reminder of the power of being the best you.  Thank you!”

Zoraida Sambolin, Chicago NBC News Anchor
Chicago, Illinois