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The Beauty Enigma


TITLE: The Beauty Enigma: The Art of Ageless Beauty… from the Inside Out
AUTHOR: Demetria Victor Newman
PUBLISHER: The Beauty Enigma™ LLC

RETAIL PRICE: $24.00 US (Hardcover)
ISBN-13: 978-0-692-63560-5
PAGES: 192

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Why every woman needs to read The Beauty Enigma

The beauty industry. The aesthetic plastic surgery industry. Both are multi-billion-dollar businesses—almost entirely based on the countless millions of women who feel insecure about how they look. These women spend vast sums on surgical and non-surgical procedures, trying to change their appearance and defy aging. They torture themselves with arduous exercise and starvation diets. Striving desperately to be waif-like, some develop eating disorders. All are obsessed with the external criteria promoting how women should look. Is that really what beauty is about?


In The Beauty Enigma, Demetria Victor Newman answers those and many more questions about the nature of beauty—and concludes that true beauty consists of far more than conforming to arbitrary and ever-changing social standards.  Demetria guides us along the path to true beauty, which begins as an inner journey to physical, spiritual and emotional health, then leads us to healthy, revitalizing ways to enhance our style, appearance and self-confidence.


What will you find—and learn about yourself—in The Beauty Enigma

“When a person exudes genuine beauty it supersedes all physical appearances and human conditions… Truth, beauty, goodness and love are interwoven values essential to our happiness, to our mental, physical and emotional well-being…


The Beauty Enigma will help reframe the way you think about beauty and help you reclaim your birthright to live a healthy life of ageless beauty.”
So says Demetria Victor Newman as she takes you by the hand and guides you through an exploration of what true beauty is—and how to achieve it for yourself.


This inspiring, dialogue-changing book is a guide to creating lifelong beauty in and for you.


The Beauty Enigma is divided into two main parts. 

Part I seeks to define true beauty in terms of your mind, body and spirit.

Part II offers a practical guide to becoming beautiful by transforming your inner understanding of beauty, while adopting a “Beauty Lifestyle” that will transform your outer self.

In this book you will discover many keys to beauty, including:

• Step-by-step guidelines to proper nutrition
• The restorative power of good sleep
• Useful exercises for remaining fit and flexible
• Why you need a purpose in life, and
• How to control stress.

Ultimately, The Beauty Enigma is about holistic living and balance, which translates to total beauty—a real beauty that lasts a lifetime. Taking this book to heart and practicing its beauty lifestyle will not only lead you to true beauty, it also offers invaluable, proven methods for achieving a positive, productive, happier life!


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